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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Treehouse & Institute

'Treehouse'. Acrylic on 15 Canvas Boards. 72 x 90 inches. March 2011

'Institute'. Acrylic on 15 Boards. 72 x 90 inches. April 2010

Different places in the urban landscape trigger memories of a shared past. But buildings are not important just because they are buildings. Memories are attached to places because of the social and political meanings people link to their physical form and aesthetic beauty. These buildings, according to Hayden, “are store houses for these social memories because streets, buildings, and patterns of settlement, frame the lives of many people and often outlast many lifetimes.” Individuals are able to make these specific connections with buildings because they see familiar characteristics in architecture.

Memory and Identity: Destruction and Rebuilding- Gregory Dowell 

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