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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pavilion 1 & 2

 'Pavilion 1 - Pedestal'. Acrylic on 15 Canvas Boards. 72 x 90 inches. March 2008

 'Pavilion 2 - Regnum Marianum'. Acrylic on 15 Canvas Boards. 72 x 90 inches. April 2008

“Place memory encapsulates the human ability to connect with both the built and natural environments that are entwined in the cultural landscape.” Dolores Hayden, professor of architecture, urbanism and American studies
J.B. Jackson believes a ruined, bombed-out church, in Berlin provides a startling reminder of World War II. The remains of the building broadcast a message that is not easy to forget. The ruins may not be pretty, but memory has nothing to do with aesthetic beauty, instead the church’s shell provides a “power to remind, to recall something specific.” Like the dynamited Buddha statues not being replaced by the Bamiyans, the bombed-out church stands as a reminder of Berlin’s history and the lessons to be learned.

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